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My State of Mind by safirediaz
My State of Mind
This is a watercolour painting I did the other day. I must have been feeling down because there is a lot of black lines there.
It is supposed to be of an aurora borealis
Christopher the Sim by safirediaz
Christopher the Sim
"(Snerk, snerk)." What's that, dear Chrissie? You want to exist in the Sims though you 'fell down a well'? (lame Lassie joke)… - "Twin telepathy?! Sure Chris, right on it! ^__^" Big Brother is 'best friend' Forever -…… - Chocolate (PSG music)

I made three videos dedicated for him-… and…. As well as….

Spookily I felt a wave of intense emotion shortly after making this... :o My 'Ocean Treasure' (Hai Pao).… - Paper Plane (Rin Kagamine)… The Bird which Crossed the Stars (Len Kagamine)… - (Night Walker)… - Kokoro (Yet Another)… - Seasonal Feathers (A perfect summary of my relationship with Christopher)… - (His "theme song"? x3) - (Blessing)… (Word Karma)… (Sea of a 1000 Fathoms)… (Love-Distance, Long Affair song)… (Pupa ending song)… (Rin's Bye-Bye) What I would say to Chris, if I could… - Regarding the Function of a Heart.

MMD: Won't Say by safirediaz
MMD: Won't Say
Just a screenshot from a music video I'm doing... Starring (from left to right) Vixen Foxtrot, Olapen Jinitro, Larosin Fin-Schaets and Koya Myoin. Vixen is wearing wooden sandals and Larosin is wearing black pants (which is hard to see in the dark).
MMD: Derp Eyes No Longer by safirediaz
MMD: Derp Eyes No Longer
I made my first MMD model, but the only problem is that this character has rather derpy eyes. Will need to fix that!
Update: After some fixes, my model no longer has derpy eyes! Also put the right eye onto a separate material...
All by myself.

Extra Notes: Well, this is Melkior, a fusion dance of both Misako Irwa and Olapen Jinitro. I thought that I like the idea, so I created this model. I really like it, I'm glad I made this.… - Stronger Than You
Sleep is good
So lazy in the blankets
It's warm under the doona


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I like watching anime, The Twilight Zone and drawing or writing fanfics...
Anime fanatic since 2006
First Anime Liked: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Animals: Rainbow-Lorikeets, cats, snakes, horses, dogs, hermit crabs, monitor lizards, mantis shrimp, gulper fish and electric eel, Tasmanian Tiger/Devil, Numbats, sea-cucumber... Cassowaries. :3
Favourite Disney Princess: Rapunzel
Anime: Pupa, Loveless, Claymore, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Tsukhime, Rumbling Hearts, Melody of Oblivion, Weiss Kruez Gluhen, Nodame Cantabile, Eden (To Destination), Neon Genesis Evangelion, Midori Days, Bokurano, Blood-C (yes I'm evil), Vampire Knight/Trinity Blood (secret shame- furry fan here), Sokou no Strain, Tsubasa Chronicle (the manga) and finally Angel Beats.
Cartoon: 'Panty and Stockings with Garter-belt', The Simpsons
Games: Dragonfable, The Sims, Spore, Link: Twilight Princess, Harry Potter,
Manga: Return to Labyrinth, After School Nightmare
Favourite Anime characters: Rei Ayanami, Nodame and Misato and Prince Utena, Saya Kisaragi (Blood-C) Shouma Takakura... Yume Hasegawa (Pupa anime) and Homura Akemi (Madoka) as well as Kafuka Fuura... Rin Kagamine
Original characters: Olapen Jinitro, Larosin Fin-Schaets
Favourite movie: Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets, City of Angels, Sliding Doors, Avatar.
Favourite FIM Pony: Rarity and Flutter-Shy.
Books: Animorphs, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Dorian Gray
Games: Dragonfable, AQWorlds, Sims University, Pokemon Leaf-Green/Crystal/Emerald... Vorago (Godlimations)
Liked Pokemon: Umbreon, Lugia, Ninetales, Marowak, Bay-leaf, Jolteon, Skitty, Liepard, Gulpin and Wartortle (and Magikarp, I've always felt like one xD)
Liked Digimon: Weregarumon and Gatomon
Featured Fanfics (Blade100): A Rouge's Tale, Musicalfable and Legend of the Stars
Likes: Mythology, animation and ancient classical history... and SUPERHEROES. Starfire (Teen Titans) Vore (Galacta girl). FOOD. Vocaloid
Related Family Member: Twin brother, Christopher.
Interested in: Yuri, the ocean

(Shoulder Angel 1): Introverted and shy.
(Shoulder Angel 2): Brash and traumatised.

Favourite Artists: Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahol
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: Iphone and MP3
Shell of choice: Spiral
Wallpaper of choice: Ritsuka and Senmei
Favourite cartoon characters: Utena, Megara (Hercules), Splatter Phoenix (Darkwing Duck) and Lola Bunny
Personal Quote: "Meep!"
Favourite Movie: It's A Wonderful Life
Favourite Monster: Cthulhu the Elder One
Ten Things About Me:
1. I am very shy and not very confident.
2. I love roleplaying as my characters and animals
3. I was born 25 weeks premature and had a lot of medical conditions for my age and was operated on a lot...
4. I like sweets as I have a sweet-tooth
5. I had a twin brother. Christopher passed away years ago.
6. I talk to the characters inside my head a lot
7. Why are you still reading this? Fine I like waffles!
8. I like Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C because I look a lot like her.
9. I used to play the piano and was good at Kumon and had a silver trophy once
10. I wear hearing aids and have nerdy purple glasses
Bonus: I'll only accept art-trade requests

Questions I'm asking YOU:

1. Haai, How are you today?
Neutral and very calm
2. What are your hobbies?
Watching anime, playing computer games and turn-based rpgs, chatting/roleplaying online, drawing my characters, writing stories
3. Are you confident about your art?
I try my best at every drawing, but lately I am not as confident.
4. Were you surprised when you saw this meme? I know I was.. >.<
I was totally surprised and staring at my screen for a few secs
5. Are you learning a language? If you are please tell me which.
I only know English
6. What name would you rather have (if you'd rather have a different name)?
7. Are you outgoing and have a lot of friends?
As my character yes I have a lot as friends. Irl I don't seem to have a lot of friends
8. If you could have any superpower you wanted, what would it be?
The power of teleportation
9. Do you have a crush You don't have to answer if you don't want to... :l
10. Did I bore you all the way down here? it's okay to say so... D'; 
A bit.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Blood-C theme song
  • Reading: my short story
  • Watching: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Playing: Sims Medieval
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: milk

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